DICOMM SOLUTION is the solution that we make to our customers.

We offer you 5 benefits to achieve maximum quality, efficiency and added value to our product.


In DICOMM we do a merger of engineering with the manufacturers who integrate our product, achieving equipments with the maximum of efficiency on the target market and with a high future value.


If his possibility is renew your team, we will provide the best offer of the market, thanks to our Dealers international network, for DICOMM pick up your team as part of payment not is a problem.



 VFG is the solution that we offer you, FUTURE VALUE GUARANTEED by the manufacturers we represent, integrating this formula with the product that interests you, Renting or Leasing, to pay monthly fee will be very accessible for your company. Get your financing not will be a problem with the sharing of the risk.



For DICOMM the Technical Service is a priority, we have a Technical Call Center (24x7) - 24 hours 7 days of the week, for the urgencies that it has, his professionalism and connection with the manufacturer guarantees the solution to his problem.


Our line of Spare Parts,Original DICOMM, it offers him products of maximum quality. We count in stock, all the references in order that his equipment should not detain his productivity. Our plan of logistics allows us to be the most agile in delivering him the needed piece.


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